Trail #642 – 12/29/2022

Location: McNally’s Pub @ 6

Just Elyse is getting hare-raised (finally!!)! Cum out and practice your NYE sleepover jams wearing your favorite onesie (or any onesie, really, whether your favorite or not). There will be drinks. There will be sleepover party games. There will be mischief. And if you fall asleep early you may get your hand dipped in warm water to see if you pee yourself.

Meet up at McNally’s. Urban trail/low shiggy. Not dog friendly even if it’s not bone-ass cold outside (sorry Cheesy-poops, Just Zelda, and others). A to A’

$10 HASH CASH!!! (Wrect Him will wreck us if we have multiple runs on the checkbook this month.) Bring your ID and payment for prelube and on-afters.

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