If you want to know where/when trails will be, check the Trail Info page!

We are a “drinking club with a running problem.” We follow a trail of chalk, flour, or TP (2-5 miles) to an ON-AFTER celebration of refreshments (mostly beer) and bawdy songs.

If you’ve half a mind to try it, that’s all it takes. This is a NON-competitive social group – people of all levels of fitness (walkers and runners alike) are welcome. We do not care where you are from, what you do, who you do, or what you believe – just be respectful and join in the fun!

The starting point begins at different locations in and around Columbia and Jefferson City, MO. See the Trails page for the next Trail. A hare lays the trail and the pack follows the trail. Our point is to socialize, see new and different places, and meet new fun people.

If you get in shape, it’s your own damn fault!

Sound fun? Contact us at info@comotionh3.com or search for “CoMoTION Hash House Harriers” on Facebook!